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See also: MOL:How to report a bug.

Feature suggestions, improvements and shortcomings can be discussed here if you don't like Bugzilla.

Thanks for having this page.

My next thing to sort out is svg-edit. When it opens up there appears to be something hanging off the right side of the screen. I discovered that this was some kind of layer docking menu when I found I could drag the separater bar to the left to reveal it.But now I shifted the border across the vertical scroll on the image does not work because the word "layers" is superimposed on top. The select element to report somehow produced File:Tetramethylsulfur.mol 1405757761096.svg but this still seems to look like I am editing rather than a static image.

PS the online evg-edit sounds like a great idea (if it worked perfectly!) Graeme (talk) 08:29, 19 July 2014 (UTC)

Another suggestion is to have oher outputs from the editors, so that they can render ball and stick models, or three dimensional ball models of molecules. I also make the suggestion to have the ability to do a unit cell of a crystal structure, so that the renderer could do the repetition of the unit cell to illustrate a crystal.