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  • As a paid editor by BASF, I want to advertise for our new polymer. Why not creating a Wikipedia article? Would be great if I could use existing polymers and just append some groups or bonds.
  • I want to write about history of chemistry. Having an Web-editor I can write where ever I am and I can easily see how the structure of Benzene has evolved over the years.
  • As a first semester biochemistry student, I want to find the name of a group that I do not know.
  • As a Wikipedia author, I want to draw all happenings as chemical equations for synthesis of a chemical compound re-using the structure of the compound I’ve already drawn.
  • As a professor, I want to make a multiple choice test and rip a formula from Wikipedia that I can easily edit so I can add a few dugs. I need raster images as my program allowing me creating the test, is not capable embedding vector graphics.
  • I found an old bottle with just a formula on it – that’s just a joke, of course.
  • As a Wikipedia author I am bored to write the molecular formula. It should be automatically/ bot-generated.
  • I like doing research and I want to analyse how many formulas Wikipedia has containing element x, whether sulfonamide antibiotics have more article in German Wikipedia than an English Wikipedia, which substance classes get most hits, ….
  • I am an artist and inspired by the wire-frame model. I want to create artistic works.
  • Working as a chemistry teacher I want to be easily convert from wire-frame model to ball-and-stick to provide a better 3D view of a ligand to my pupils for didactic purposes. That’s not possible with SVG graphics.
  • I created a solution containing multiple compounds, want to write a Wiki book and want to make it easy for knowledgeable readers to gasp what’s in.
  • As a visitor of Wikipedia, I would be extremely excited to view chemical formulas in 3D. This is not possible with SVGs but using jsChem and chemical table files, it is.
  • add your story.